Saturday, February 18, 2012

Micah and Papa Marvin
Mae with Grandma Sheila
My first doll cake. Thanks for the help Mom! this was taken around midnight.. kinda tired :)

"The sweet little princesses ready to freeze dance"

2 years later

New Cub Scout Leaders
First time this happened, not suprised at all though..

First night having Alley home.
Cute 8 week old Alley

Hi again! So, Mae just had her 4th birthday party and we have had requests for pictures. I have some down time today since Micah is sleeping and Jeff took Mae and our newest baby, Alley (or is it Ally? Jeff can tell you.) for an adventure. I am not promising that we will keep our blog current, but I am going to post some picts of my 2 newest children and of Mae's b-day party! I hope to do a little better at posting now that things are becoming somewhat more manageable in my life. (knock on wood) We are feeling more settled in to our house in Stansbury Park, Utah and life is good with a washer and dryer, a dishwasher and space to function! Jeff is liking his job at Terra Tek and I think he is wowing them all the time and making them grateful they hired him with his hard work and smarts!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Valentines and b-day picts

Jeff Endorses Cherilyn Eagar for US Senate

I just wanted to quickly say that I have been studying up on the candidates for US Senate here in Utah. I have been very disappointed with Senator Bennet, and it is not just because I want to "throw out the bums" (although I do). Senator Bennet has voted for, and even written much of TARP, supports a revised version of President Obama's health care bill known as the Wyden-Bennett bill .... etc. This man is not a constitutional conservative by any stretch of the imagination. He is a staunch supporter of and has given entire speeches about Keynsian economics, which is an inherently socialist ideology which teaches that massive government spending and debt is the best way to save the free market from its inherent problems. Yuck! Cherilyn Eagar on the other hand appears to be well versed in and understands free market principles and the limited government that comes with them. I really think that she gets the Constitution. Anyways, I would encourage everyone here in Utah to have a look at her website and read up on her. If you are a member of the republican party here in Utah your precinct caucus will be held on Tuesday March 23rd. Even if you are not registered as a republican you can register at the caucus. Your precinct leadership as well as county and state delegates will be elected at this meeting. The state delegate will then have the opportunity to attend the state nominating convention and vote for who will get the party nomination for all statewide offices. This means that if you are a conservative your precinct caucus may be your ONLY chance to have your voice be heard. If Bennet gets at least 60% of the votes at the convention then he gets the nomination and the only choice you get is between socialist Bennet and a socialist democrat in November. So please, attend your precinct meeting and support a delegate (or run yourself) who supports a candidate you like. Anyways, now go ahead a look at the cute pictures of Mae.